The Boeing 737 high-tech attraction in Dubai scow is an unforgettable experience.

Dubai’s “adrenaline” attractions


Dubai, the capital of the emirate Dubai, is the largest and richest city in the UAE that over the last half century has developed into a genuine pearl of the Persian Gulf and a real touristic paradise thanks to the oil investments. Each and every year this fabulous oasis amidst the boiling-hot desert is visited by millions of European and American tourists attracted by the oriental exotics and uncommon entertainment.

In the emirate, there are dozens of world’s best amusement parks that suit any taste and house most expensive and unique from a technical point view attractions. Arabs traditionally consider Europeans to be the thrill seekers, therefore all the attractions here are the best of the best and can make even a well-versed tourist feel a culture shock and a real adrenaline storm.

We’ll review Dubai’s seven best and most amazing “high-tech” attractions that impress with their technical proficiency and showiness. Plus, many of the engineering solutions applied in these seven “adrenaline miracles” are unique and most often constitute a commercial secret.

1. Space Shot inertia catapult (Wonderland Amusement Park)

Wonderland Amusement Park is an 18,000 m2 area for a luxury family vacation with over 30 exclusive attractions for children and adults. The most famous and "adrenaline" one is the “Space Shot” multimeter inertia tower - a tall metal cylinder, the lower part of which houses a circular platform with passenger seats.

The law of attraction principle is traditional: special mechanisms push the cab up, it starts falling down freely to then come to a halt above the ground. In the Space Shot, inertial catapulting is at its maximum: within a few seconds of “take off” the speed of the cabin easily reaches 130 km/hr, which makes the passengers experience a state of free fall, that is, actually complete weightlessness, it being a delight for a trained pilot’s healthy vestibular system and strong mentality.


2. “Ski Dubai” Snow Park (Mall of the Emirates)

“Europeans are accustomed to cold winters and are fond of downhill skiing", - thought the Arabs, and built in the hot-arid desert the Middle East’s first bona fide ski resort covering over 3.000 m2, with real snow, five ski slopes of varying complexity, snowboard park, freestyle skiing zone, elevators and circular ski trail.

Certainly, in Dubai with its averages at +35 to + 45C such a miracle can exist within an indoor arena only, so the Ski Dubai Snow Park is accommodated in the emirate’s largest shopping and leisure centre “Mall of the Emirates”. Inside this arena, the powerful air conditioning network maintains a permanent "Alpine" microclimate ranging from -1 to -4C, whereas the night hours is the time when a real snow factory starts its work generating and spreading around up to 30 tonnes of snow with the help of snow cannons.

The Ski Dubai Park offers sufficient number of playgrounds for children and beginner skiers, a ski trail for both professional and extreme skiers, and for snowboarding and freestyle skiing. The slopes’ maximum height is up to 85 meters, which is as high as a 20-storey building! Equipment cost is included in the total cost of admission to the Park.


3. XLine Dubai Marina Zipline

Perhaps, the most popular and impressive attraction of Dubai is the XLine Dubai Marina Zipline, a head-spinning zipline from one of the towers of Amwaj Tower (170 meters high) down to the Dubai Marina Mall. The wire-rope way is 1 km long, the slope angle is 16 degrees.

The zipline wire rope system has been specifically designed for this very site and is permanently monitored and controlled by professional mountain climbers. The zipline track is considered to be one of the longest and fastest in the world: during the descent the acceleration is up to 80 km/hr, so a passenger gets quite a dose of adrenaline and lots of incredible visual impressions. The route runs over the picturesque yacht harbor and fashionable high-rise Dubai Marina down-town, past the famous Princess Tower and Cayan skyscrapers.


4. Velociraptor Roller Coaster (IMG Worlds of Adventure Par
Those who are fond of furious speeds, steep turns and four-G pulls but were not lucky enough to become professional fighter pilots shall visit the Lost Valley Dinosaur Park in Dubai where the UAE’s highest and fastest roller coasters are installed. Velociraptor, a steel launched coaster (an analogue of the German Blue Fire), offers an over 1 kilometer long and 38 meters high track where passengers ride at a speed of 100 km/hr reachable within 2,5 seconds through acceleration.

During a 2,5 minute ride passengers manage to rush through the foggy tropical jungle and petrified cemetery of dinosaurs, race out to the real Arabian desert and then “fall” vertically back to the jungle, survive through the head-down flight, several spins, abrupt ups and downs within big loops, switching from horror to delight.

5. Descending the Burj Drop skyscraper wall virtually (VR Park in the Dubai Mall)

One of the most impressive attractions in the famous virtual reality park (VR Park Dubai) is considered to be Burj Drop: Mission 828 was created and commissioned by INITION and offers the most sophisticated virtual technologies. You put on the HTC Vive and immerse in a spy adventure. It takes you to the top of the famous and tallest 160-storey skyscraper (828 meters) on Burj Khalifa planet that must be rescued from an approaching terrorist attack. A real “Mission Impossible” movie starring Tom Cruise!

The simulator is realistic to the maximum extent: first you’ll have to virtually climb the skyscraper against a completely flat surface to then jump in the pond below with a parachute from crazy heights. The beautiful Ultra HD visual effects from HTC Vive, simulator’s motion platform, tactile sensors and external special effects (for instance, strong crosswind at altitude) create a completely realistic sense of presence and require a strong nervous system.


6. The Flying Aces Simulator (FERRARI WORLD Amusement Park)

World's first theme automobile park of the Italian company Ferrari, built in Dubai, is remarkable for its everything and anything. It covers the entire history and achievements of the company manufacturing the famous Formula 1 racing cars, museum exhibits of the brand and numerous attractions in the races style. World's fastest (240 km/hr) Formula Rossa roller coasters, the unique Turbo Track catapult "throwing" a passenger up into weightlessness at 102 km/hr to the height of up to 64 meters, F-1 Scuderia Challenge racing car simulators with the virtual reality elements and extra outer effects – all at your convenience and disposal.

However, the main “flavour” of the park is the unique Flying Aces simulator, a roller coaster based on the World War I era biplane that used to be piloted by the legendary Italian pilot Francesco Baracca who was the first to introduce the Ferrari coat-armour on the fuselage of his plane. On a 1,5 kilometer track, the biplane accelerates to 120 km/h and performs real aerial stunts, including several "barrels" and a full 52 meter loop with a spin. Multiple double overloads and weightlessness sensations guaranteed!

7. TFT Aero Boeing 737 NG Flight Simulator (JBR)

TFT Aero is one of the world's first high-tech full motion flight simulators representing true imitation of the cockpit with the operating flight instrument panel of a Boeing 737 passenger airliner. Unlike the attractions described above, it is you who control and pilot the flight simulator with the yoke, pedals and control buttons on the dashboard. The only external assistance available is an experienced pilot in the co-pilot's seat who helps evaluate the air situation and supports the flight instrument reading and decision-making.

The cockpit can move in six projections precisely simulating weather conditions and physical loads during taxiing, acceleration, take-off and landing and air maneuvers of the aircraft, and the high-resolution picture displayed on the spherical screens contributes in a natural way to the overall flight picture.

The advanced software package makes it possible to completely immerse in the atmosphere of the flight, simulate controlling the aircraft, independently choose the headings (the English Channel, Dubai, the Alps, Nevada desert, canyons of Montenegro, etc.), flight conditions (thunderstorm, storm, fog, night flight) and even emergency situations: engine failure, fire in the cockpit, emergency landing on water, etc.

The flight simulator ensures the overall immersion in the virtual reality of the flight in the absolute safety and is designed for an individual flight with an instructor to practice flight control skills and group scenarios for the entire "crew".

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