Take control of the Boeing 737 jet aircraft

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Professional Full flight simulators on the motion platform

TFT.aero Flight Experience Center

If you are curious and seek for new experiences, TFT.aero gives you the chance to get an adrenaline rush taking control of a civil airliner. For a while you will become the captain. We will help in everything: learn how the cockpit is designed, how to control the engines, choose the right flight route, and finally how to control the aircraft. The weather, the time, the airport and the complexity of the flight are completely at your discretion. You will get complete freedom of choice for challenge and overcome it with reliable support from us. Challenge the uncharted element and get a sense of pride.

Cocpit Boeing 737 NG

Hold the yoke, and feeling increasing acceleration, confidently pull it on takeoff. Take a break for navigation and systems check accurately following the instructor's guidance, operate the autopilot during horizontal flight. Set the stormy weather and airport of arrival. Face the engine failure and have a safe landing. Those and much more adventures are expecting TFT.aero guests onboard. Good luck! May the force be with you!

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TFT.aero Boeing 737NG Full flight aviasimulator details

The wrap-around screen creates the full “being there” effect
The full motion platform imitates acceleration, even a bumpy runway
Choose the airports worldwide or get our advice for the ultimate impressions
TFT.aero Boeing 737NG Full flight aviasimulator details
Take-off, landing, emergencies, among mountain peaks or in dense fog
The simulator has the dynamics of a real flight: true accelerations, air pockets and air turbulence
Pilot is accompany 3 guests onboard

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Flight experience gift vouchers

You are in the right place if you decide to make an expensive, memorable and unusual gift. The vis-a-vis will gratefully accept your noble gesture and would definitely remember the adventure for a long time.

TFT.aero Hobby Pilot school

TFT.aero hobby Pilot school has an individual training program. Lectures and simulator training are held by the personal pilot instructor on an agreed schedule. Full and Beginner programs are available.

Corporate events & parties

Events may combine both knowledge and fun challenges where visitors can experience and play with flight simulator.

Team building program

Our team building program based on aviation rules Crew Resources Management (CRM). During the practical part, the real Boeing 737NG aircraft simulators are used.

Flight Adventure

We invite you to take part in an exciting adventure and find yourself inside the cockpit next to our pilot as the legendary Sully, who had ditching on the Hudson River after the failure of all engines.

Invest & Fly with TFT.aero

Smart Vouchers are the great chance for small investments with high profit expectations. You have chosen the right place with the perfect opportunities.

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