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If at least once you were a passenger, then you definitely heard the phrase “In the unlikely event of ...”. Modern technology is very reliable, but nevertheless, the probability of an emergency landing exists. We invite you to take part in an exciting adventure and find yourself inside the cockpit next to our pilot as the legendary Sully, who had ditching on the Hudson River after the failure of all engines.

Learn how to use the aircraft’s rescue equipment and save your life in the event landing on an unprepared site away from populated areas, when you should not expect help soon.

Learn a lot of professional secrets from active pilots instructors.

The fascinating program begins at the briefing room with life stories, continues in the flight simulator and ends in a life raft with a safety vest on. This and much more awaits you in Emergency landing adventure.

The Emergency landing adventure (tm) consists of two parts of equal duration: the lecture of the active pilot (pilot instructor) and the practical part. The practical part includes four slots: simulator flight, familiarization and practical use of life jackets, familiarization with the device and life set of the raft, brief survival instructions and first aid.

TFT.aero guide will reveal a lot of "secrets" about which do not know mass media: emergency instructions for cabin crew, alarm code phrases.

Participants of the event are divided into equal 4 parts, but not more than 3 in one subgroup. Children necessarily belong to the subgroup with adults.
Subgroups one after another pass 4 activities:

  • LJ (Life jackets) practical exercises with life jackets: familiarization, putting on for a while (3 attempts), blowing, using a whistle;
  • RAFT Acquaintance with the raft and the life kit, a brief description of the purpose of the radio station, food, flares, fishing gear, first aid kit. Rules of conduct and survival, signals to participants in a rescue operation;
  • SI (Survival instructions) a short course of survival after an emergency landing in a deserted area, taking into account the natural conditions;
  • SIM (Simulator) demo flight with landing on the Hudson river;

Groups and Schedule

The group consists of 12 persons. The duration of the event is 120 minutes of which 50+ minutes a lecture, 60 minutes of practical exercises, including flight in the simulator.