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Part of the TFT Aero experience in UAE is that the flight simulators are the same as those used by real trainee pilots so you will face the same conditions and have the same thrilling experience as real pilots do.

Here are some of the things you’ll experience during flight adventure and training in the UAE. That will make you feel like you’re actually flying.

  • During thunder storms, you will feel the simulator shake as you hit turbulence.
  • During take-off, you will feel the aircraft accelerating, mimicking an actual ascent.
  • Icy runways will test your skills and you will feel yourself losing control of the plane.
  • If you hit a patch of fog, your vision will be impaired as the windows actually fog up!

In addition to the above, the simulator itself feels like an actual cockpit

  • A large screen provides a panoramic effect.
  • The navigation routes are based on real flight routes that pilots fly.
  • The cockpit is designed to look and feel like a real cockpit with the exact same controls and gear as real-life aircraft.
  • You will be accompanied by a real pilot.
Whether you’re a beginner with no experience or a pilot with thousands of miles under your belt, the experience will be the same.
Our experienced pilots will guide you through each and every aspect of the flight.
Beginners will receive expert guidance designed to make the experience as fun and thrilling as possible.
More experienced individuals will be given more challenging scenarios, for example flying into a direct wind at 120 knots or double engine failure!

We want everyone who comes for a flight simulation in the UAE to have an amazing experience, so your pilot will help to make your adventure more enjoyable.

Here are some tips:
  • Try to ease into the flight, by setting your flight up with calm weather and light turbulence.
  • Get acquainted with the cockpit before you start your flight.
  • If you’re up for a challenge, try landing in manual mode.

Did you know?

  • The first Boeing 737 was created in 1967, and the aircraft has since evolved to become the highest selling jetliner in history.
  • Each Boeing 737 can accommodate up to 215 passengers.
  • The Boeing 737NG is an upgraded model of the original 737 and contains conventional controls that are connected to the aircraft by cables so that pilots have a comprehensive response from the aircraft.
  • Pilots can fly the 737 manually or automatically. Almost every control in the glass cabin is displayed on a digital screen but instruments with the classic needles are still visible.
  • There are about 1,000 Boeing 737s in the air.
  • Lufthansa was the first company to launch the 737.
  • Every 5 seconds, a 737 takes off or lands somewhere on earth.
  • Over 16.8 billion passengers have flown on a Boeing 737.

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Book flight for myself and two fiends

Some general tips for timeslot selection

  • 30 minutes program is good for one flight from takeoff to landing. During this time, you can make two very short circles around the airfield or make a short route flight (snacks and drinks are not served on board).
  • Subjective perception of time is accelerated onboard. We know this for sure, believe us. One hour will seem two times shorter.
  • Normally two guests can share control by 30 minutes in standard one our flight.
  • It is normal to have one hour flight personally. You will not be in a hurry and get the information measuredly. The level of information shock will be significantly lower.
  • Two hours is a good time for a family. You will be able to change roles, get multiple routes and different weather conditions. This approach is better to book in advance to get a free slot at a convenient time.
  • On demand, we can stop the flight anytime and let you leave the simulator. If you feel you are not comfortable or the children are urgently asking for a toilet, let the instructor know without hesitation. Unfortunately, we cannot extend and refund this gap for you.