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First of all, you should know that our Boeing 737 full flight aviasimulators are quite similar to those used in flight academy for pilot training. This is not just a statement, but a collection of undeniable facts. You can recognize them at first sight keeping in mind:

  • А platform with long actuators imitating true accelerations when you are not feel only shaking, you feel the flight as it is.
  • If you hit a thunderstorm, then you feel the thunderstorm and turbulence with your body.
  • If you landed on an ice-covered runway, you will not be able to brake and roll out beyond its limits.
  • The simulator is equipped with a large panoramic screen which reflects the environment almost as real as it is.
  • If you chose a fog, nothing will be visible outside the window.
  • If you approach Dubai airport, then you see a real DXB airport.
  • The software corresponds to the real aircraft, the onboard systems and navigation are not fake.
  • The interior and equipment of the cockpit accurate copy of the original one.
  • Everything that can be pressed, pulled, turned has full functionality.
  • Pilot instructor is really pilot instructor.

If you are a beginner, then the pilot instructor will be nursing with you and the flight will be uniquely successful. If you played the flight simulator for thousands of hours and came to fly on the simulator, the pilot instructor will help you save your reputation, also the happy end. If you really are a pilot, then we will set you a difficult task (for example, direct head wind at a landing 120 knots, or we will set wind share and low visibility with both engines fire). It was a joke, but we know how to joke and do little dirty tricks.

So, you are inside the cockpit and took the captain seat. Before you move TQ levers forward, the pilot will hold a briefing with you and set the flight conditions. We do not recommend to demand something complicated for the first time. We guarantee you an adrenaline rush even in ideal conditions on the most popular routes.

Here are some basic tips that are really could be helpful:

  • We recommend to set calm weather with the light turbulence.
  • Do not rush to take off from the beginning of the runway, coordinate the route and flight details, get acquainted with the main controls.
  • During the flight, try manual and automatic control.
  • Take heart and turn off one engine for a while.
  • Make a landing in manual mode (the instructor is always there and will help, do not worry, everything will be fine even for the first time).
  • If you have a good spatial imagination, be sure to try taxi (the fact is that unlike the car, the front landing gear is located behind and you need to grab a turning moment correctly. Follow the yellow line and do not spoil the lawn).
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Aviasimulator outside and inside

Book flight for myself and two fiends

Some general tips for timeslot selection

  • 30 minutes program is good for one flight from takeoff to landing. During this time, you can make two very short circles around the airfield or make a short route flight (snacks and drinks are not served on board).
  • Subjective perception of time is accelerated onboard. We know this for sure, believe us. One hour will seem two times shorter.
  • Normally two guests can share control by 30 minutes in standard one our flight.
  • It is normal to have one hour flight personally. You will not be in a hurry and get the information measuredly. The level of information shock will be significantly lower.
  • Two hours is a good time for a family. You will be able to change roles, get multiple routes and different weather conditions. This approach is better to book in advance to get a free slot at a convenient time.
  • On demand, we can stop the flight anytime and let you leave the simulator. If you feel you are not comfortable or the children are urgently asking for a toilet, let the instructor know without hesitation. Unfortunately, we cannot extend and refund this gap for you.