Career guidance

Program for school kids and students

All modern scientific breakthroughs occur at the junction of two or more disciplines. For this reason, for students looking for an interesting job with great career prospects, we recommend choosing an education based on related subjects. products are the result of R&D, starting from mechanical engineering and manufacturing at the first stage, completing with IT technologies. Our team employs a wide range of specialists as the simulator is the result of joint efforts and uses a lot of technological approaches. For example, a large curved image screen, in addition to IT, includes mechanical engineering, optics, image wrapping software, hardware image generator, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Obviously, not all simulator components are made by us. Numerous components produced around the world, but our mission, having knowledge of the parameters and characteristics, to combine all the stuff in a structure with the desired consumer features.

At the theoretical part we will let the students know a lot of facts about the required knowledge and skills. Each of the directions is a creative, perspective specialization where the final result impresses bringing a sense of belonging to a large and complex project.

We are very open to adapting lectures on request. Apart from acquaintance with aviation professions, we will be happy to reveal IT topics, mechanical engineering, technology, administration, project management. Please choose from the topics below. Several of them can be combined. Each event includes a simulator demo flights. Please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Explore with us professions of:

Pilot, aviation engineer, mechanical engineer, IT, programming, airfield services, engineering.

We will demonstrate:

  • Flight simulator,
  • Aviation materials and emergency equipment,
  • Demo flights with students.

We have slots for free career guidance program twice a month at working days. Advance booking is required.