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Scared of flying? Oh well, let`s take off! (Aerophobia)

By virtue of his nature, any person would feel at least uncomfortable at high altitude. Nearly half of the world’s population is deeply afraid of heights, and around 20% of the entire adult population are panically scared of flying on airplanes. So this is what is called aerophobia that is considered to be a true psychological disorder causing a lot of trouble.


Perhaps, the thought that you are not alone in your state of fear will somehow cheer you up as many celebrities who used to play “flying” roles in the movies would share your fear of being on an airplane - Ben Affleck ("Batman"), Sean Bean ("Flight Illusion"), Colleen Farrell ("Pilot"), Billy Bob Thornton ("Armageddon") and Sandra Bullock ("Gravity") are among them. But this does not solve the problem: you are in a complicated situation, especially if you go on business trips rather often or are fond of travel adventures in faraway places, whereas travelling by train or car is considered to be too long and impractical,

Psychologists offer only one efficient solution - gradual and controlled immersion in the feared situation, so that a person can control it consciously and with peace of mind (systematic desensitization). Put simply, you need a safe simulator of your phobia, namely the Boeing 737NG flight simulator from TFT.aero in Dubai!

Flight illusion

If just a simple attempt to switch your attention to something else (watching a movie, listening to music, reading or sleeping) does not work, and you keep sweating, your hands keep shaking, you don’t seem to think straight, the sounds make you feel frightened, then you need a more definitive solution: switch from being a passenger to being a pilot! Go inside the cockpit, take the captain’s seat, hold on to the yoke, choose the heading and control the situation.

TFT aero Dubai

First and foremost, this is safe. You know that you are piloting not a real airplane but an advanced flight simulator - the Boeing 737 cockpit that fully simulates the cockpit and dashboard of a real Boeing 737.

Responding to the yoke’s command, the cockpit smoothly moves within six axis on a 6-Degrees-of-Freedom motion platform precisely simulating the take-off run dynamic accelerations, runway undulations during taxiing, take-off and landing loads, braking and stopping, roll-offs, air pockets and turbulence in crosswinds.

TFT aero Dubai

The high-resolution true-to-life picture displayed on the spherical screens contributes much to the overall effect of presence. You see world’s best airports along with control towers, runway marking streaking under the landing gear, clouds and thunderstorms and
distant lights of big cities...

Just admit it's not frightening at all, it's joyful and interesting. The sensations of flight are familiar but not frightening as this is just a top-quality and impressive imitation. Your brain is to get used to perceiving the sensations of flight with no stress weaving together the real sensations and imitation and imprints this pattern. Gradually, you get accustomed to that, and your fear gives way to the rest and concentration state, or calm relaxation.

Miracles on turn-ins

Well, now when the fear of flying does not confuse you any longer let's recall that the TFT.aero flight simulator is a great entertainment and adventure that equals many types of extreme sports in beauty and vividness of impressions and sensations. After all, you are an aircraft captain and the yoke of an almost real Boeing 737 is in your hands.

This flight simulator offers choosing a route for a 30 or 60 minute flight to fit every taste. The options are: a few circles over famous skyscrapers, hotels, man-made archipelagos, Dubai’s emerald bays with landing at one of the largest airports in the world, or a flight from London to Paris over the English Channel flying around the Buckingham Palace and the Eiffel Tower, a flying journey over the snow-white peaks of the Alps and an extreme landing at the Montenegrin resort of Tivat, a flight over the Hollywood Hills and Las Vegas, etc. The whole world is laid out for you.
And when you do forget that you used to be scared of flying get down to the first-class performance: choose role-playing scenarios with flights in poor weather conditions (thunderstorm, storm, fog, night-time flying) and emergency situations, such as emergency water landing with a failed engine, airplane cabin fire, failed landing gear, etc.

As practice shows, just a few such "flights" under the supervision of skilful instructors will enable you to steadily control your psychological state and forget aerophobia forever.

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Flight experience from TFT aero Dubai