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This is what it looks like:

The crew will comprise the voucher holder, his/her two guests, and the instructor pilot 

The aircraft captain (voucher holder) selects origin and destination airports, controls the aircraft for takeoff, flight, and landing, monitors all systems (assisted by instructor pilot).
The two guests place themselves in the two seats behind the pilots, watch the crew at work. They may take pictures and/or video and swap seats with the ship commander.
The instructor pilot is responsible for pre-flight briefing and helps the trainee at all flight stages and in emergencies, explains the intricacies of the aircraft’s functioning.

TFT.aero Flight Simulators – Select Your route

Авиатренажер TFT Аэробус А320
Select your aircraft and date/time of the flight. You select your own route.
Fly to various airports worldwide, in emergencies, fly into a thunderstorm front, among mountains or in dense fog.
The only difference from a real flight is that you are totally safe, even if you make piloting mistakes!
Experts’ program: pre-flight procedures and flights in emergency situations with failed equipment.

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Receive the voucher

An electronic voucher will be sent to your email. A plastic gift card is available from the TFT.aero Center (at no additional charge) or you can have it delivered.


Book flight date and time

The voucher holder will select flight date and time, and will book his flight by providing his certificate number.

TFT.aero Gift Voucher
TFT.aero Gift Voucher
30 min

900 AED

  • Flight Voucher
  • Valid for 180 days
  • expires 

An electronic certificate can be mailed to its owner or printed out and hand delivered to the owner in person. You can receive a gift card matching your gift certificate, at no extra charge at the TFT.aero Center or arrange for its delivery to your home at the time of certificate purchase.

Vouchers with a different duration of the flight

2 hours

2600 AED

  • Flight Voucher
  • Valid for 180 days
  • expires 
90 min

1950 AED

  • Flight Voucher
  • Valid for 180 days
  • expires 
1 hour

1300 AED

  • Flight Voucher
  • Valid for 180 days
  • expires 

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