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Flight experience Gift voucher

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Creative gift ideas in Dubai

Give the gift of flight and adventure with a TFT Aero gift voucher! Buy online for a quick, thoughtful and awe-inspiring gift. A flight simulator experience is a great gift for anyone from teenagers to couples, to men and women.

Vouchers can even be shared between individuals and family members. Click here to learn more and to buy your voucher today.

Запомнится надолго

Ощущение полета. Опыт управления авиалайнером. Незабываемо.

Подойдет любому

От 10 до 80 лет. Не требует подготовки.

Принесет пользу

Даст понимание действий пилотов при реальных полетах и избавит от аэрофобии.

Друзья будут с вами

C собой в кабину можно взять еще двух пассажиров.

If your gentleman is a strong and confident as James Bond, then your gift will definitely make him happy. Men always strive to challenge something new and unknown.

This is the best gift for a teenager deeply immersed in computer games. He will obviously be happy and grateful.

Based on our rich experience, it is hard to say who is usually more happy with the gift: ladies or gentlemen. You can't even imagine how the ladies skillfully controls the plane. Dads can come with their son and give him a great experience.

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Держатель сертификата сам выберет дату и время полета

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Бронирование времени возможно только после оплаты!

Some general tips for timeslot selection

  • 30 minutes program is good for one flight from takeoff to landing. During this time, you can make two very short circles around the airfield or make a short route flight (snacks and drinks are not served on board).
  • Subjective perception of time is accelerated onboard. We know this for sure, believe us. One hour will seem two times shorter.
  • Normally two guests can share control by 30 minutes in standard one our flight.
  • It is normal to have one hour flight personally. You will not be in a hurry and get the information measuredly. The level of information shock will be significantly lower.
  • Two hours is a good time for a family. You will be able to change roles, get multiple routes and different weather conditions. This approach is better to book in advance to get a free slot at a convenient time.
  • On demand, we can stop the flight anytime and let you leave the simulator. If you feel you are not comfortable or the children are urgently asking for a toilet, let the instructor know without hesitation. Unfortunately, we cannot extend and refund this gap for you.