Unforgettable experience.

Corporate events & Parties

Parties with magicians and dancers, tables with boring snacks, fun without joy are washed away from memory like sea foam in a running wave. Squeaky teeth animators, silly contests and dull guests does not meet your expectations. Make a breakthrough to the highest level. Make the event unforgettable for a lot of years. Award your guests with a colourful bouquet of emotions.

The TFT.aero Dubai a unique venue located on JBR Walk, a hub of activity that is becoming one of Dubai's luxury areas. The venue can be hired for all events consisting from Birthday parties, team buildings, corporate celebrations. Events may combine both knowledge and fun challenges where visitors can experience and play with flight simulator.

Depending on duration and cause, different TFT.aero programs could be combined on your taste.

The Emergency landing program introduces guests to the incredible case of landing on the Hudson River. In addition to simulator experience, we will let to inflate life jackets and get a seat in an emergency raft.

A more informative CRM program will give the rare chance to test yourself in critical situations on board and save the airplane from disaster.

You can make a great party by taking a few ounces of the Hudson river landing, add few tablespoons of CRM program and put flight experience on top. If you prefer an organic cuisine, enjoy a pure flight experience with our instructors. What's more, we serve a delicious Food & Beverage table at the Briefing room based on the best recipes of the First class lounge.

The venue allows accommodating 100 persons. 24 persons per hour are very welcome on board (two simulators, 12 persons per hour, 15 min. demo flight).

Get an awesome party with TFT.aero! Welcome on board!
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