R&D donations

We constantly invest in research to improve the quality of the product. The aim of the research is to achieve the highest realism of the simulator in its various features. Since we managed to achieve very high results in avionics, we focused on environment upgrading and side effects. The most difficult and time-consuming task is to reflect the night flight images correctly, when the light from inside the cockpit appears on the projection screen. In real life, there is no obstacle reflecting the inner cockpit light. Another challenge is to increase image clarity. The solution to this problem requires the selection and testing of different types of high-resolution projectors. In a separate direction, we have highlighted the receipt of various light effects that definitely require painstaking research and comparative checks.

We are very open for cooperation with the UAE technical universities and aiming at student R&D groups. We see in this a mutual benefit and a noble cause.

We will be very grateful for donations. Please feel free to visit TFT.aero Dubai, JBR and contact us for details.

Please find contact details using the link https://dubai.tft.aero/contacts

How to pay:

The name of the recipient: Open Sky Technologies DWC-LLC
IBN Account number (USD): AE220260000515505161302
IBN Account number (AED): AE490260000515505161301
Payment purpose: Donation