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Smart Vouchers are the great chance for small investments with high profit expectations. You have chosen the right place with the perfect opportunities.

Select the options between Buy & Fly or Buy & Invest Smart Vouchers for you purposes. You can choose what option you prefer and change your mind anytime starting 90 days from purchase.

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Get complimentary discount.
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Get discount (12% annually) from nominal price.
After 365 days 100% nominal price will be refunded.

Each Smart Voucher has:

  • Interest rate 12% annually
  • Period to maturity 365 days (12 months)
  • Secured by 1 flight hour
  • Available for flight booking after 90 days from purchase
  • Total flight hours for sale per year: 8,760
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for AED 1,160
Expiry date:20 January 2022
Nominal price:AED 1,300
Discounted price:AED 1,160
Total refund:AED 1160
Price:AED  1,160  AED1160

Cocpit Boeing 737 NG is the founder of the flight simulation entertainment market and is the undisputed technology leader in this field. Since 2012 there is a continuous upgrade of equipment and business processes. Moscow flight experience center is the best example of success of the fast growing company.

  • An average monthly revenue of the Moscow center has increased threefold since 2012
  • More than 20,000 visitors per year at the Moscow center
  • Constant revenue growth since 2017 at a competitive market.